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Check out our new 42' Calvin Beal Design in Ocean Homes Magazine

Calvin Beal Custom Boats in Ocean Home Magazine

UPDATE — Exciting News: SW Boatworks is pleased to announce that our new 42' Calvin Beal Hulls and Tops have been a huge success!! Our Mold was completed Dec 2015 and we have already constructed 22 new hulls and tops for our Customers (42'L/15'W)! With this new level of hull and top manufacturing to meet the demand, we are reserving spots in 2018 for the 42' CB Hull and tops! If interested in reserving your spot, email Nikki at or call the office at 207-667-7427.

2 Different Models and 15 Different sizes

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42' Wesmac CG-inspected built in 2005. This boat travels this inlet 6 times a day, every day of the year. Still going strong!!

Wesmac 42 Wesmac 42 Wesmac 42 Wesmac 42